About Us

Goosie's Goodies started from my 2 loves!! My love for baking all kinds of beautiful yummy treats for friends, family and my love for laughing!

As a teenager, baking started to become a passion and seemed to evolve more during my high school/college years when I worked as a cake decorator at a local grocery store.

My friends gave me the nickname Goose because of my contagious laugh - a laugh that really sounds like a Goose, so I'm told! I polled all my friends and family to help select a business name. And, of course almost all of the suggestions included the name Goose! One lucky friend (who received some delicious goodies) added Goodies after the Goose...

I look forward to seeing where God takes me on this journey with Goosie's Goodies!! Check out my goodies on this website and maybe I'll leave an audio of the famous laugh!


About Us